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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spiritual and the Profane.....

·          It seemed a different world,
 which was shaped up in a peculiar mould.
 People strolled in a way grandeur to only those souls.

·         No qualms of sorts and no essence of greed,
So thinking I shrugged for the grumble made for some of my     
mindless petty needs.

·         Their moderate reliance on their allocated allowance                          
     and my persistent crave for gait requirements, drifted our worlds, making any commonalities to have a void existence.

·         It made to ascertain myself as a novice thinker,
when I heard them speak,
in a tone that was zest,
and which completed their everyday seek.

·         Their necessary nudity showed clarity in thoughts and purity in their deeds.
But with the rest, it made me to think,
showed a preposterous attempt to gain cynical pleasurable needs.

·         They in their age of glory, seem to attain mental and spiritual eternity,
Which eluded me and rest of the lot, in all these years our every attempted activity.
With this I learnt a say:
Simplicity beacons us to show a way,
that enriches us with all goods to face every minute of our unpredictable day.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spiritual and the Profane.....

Hello all,

Finally... after a long time. With so much crumpled schedule that i have these days, i hardly had the chance to write anything.... but the wait (at least for me !! :P) is over... :) I take pride to present you all this new poem that i wrote long back, sometime around first week of feb when i visited this place called "Sonda". It was a spiritual revelation kinda thing for me. Well, as a aftermath of the visit i had "spiritual seclusion effect" of type on my way back. So, i penned down something which came to me "On the spot"...

Well, i do not expect a revelation of the type i experienced with not many, but still i expect to raise few eye brows with its deeper thoughts and meaning....

Have a Broad thinking when you read this and love to again receive thoughts over this....  Happy reading... :)