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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spiritual and the Profane.....

·          It seemed a different world,
 which was shaped up in a peculiar mould.
 People strolled in a way grandeur to only those souls.

·         No qualms of sorts and no essence of greed,
So thinking I shrugged for the grumble made for some of my     
mindless petty needs.

·         Their moderate reliance on their allocated allowance                          
     and my persistent crave for gait requirements, drifted our worlds, making any commonalities to have a void existence.

·         It made to ascertain myself as a novice thinker,
when I heard them speak,
in a tone that was zest,
and which completed their everyday seek.

·         Their necessary nudity showed clarity in thoughts and purity in their deeds.
But with the rest, it made me to think,
showed a preposterous attempt to gain cynical pleasurable needs.

·         They in their age of glory, seem to attain mental and spiritual eternity,
Which eluded me and rest of the lot, in all these years our every attempted activity.
With this I learnt a say:
Simplicity beacons us to show a way,
that enriches us with all goods to face every minute of our unpredictable day.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spiritual and the Profane.....

Hello all,

Finally... after a long time. With so much crumpled schedule that i have these days, i hardly had the chance to write anything.... but the wait (at least for me !! :P) is over... :) I take pride to present you all this new poem that i wrote long back, sometime around first week of feb when i visited this place called "Sonda". It was a spiritual revelation kinda thing for me. Well, as a aftermath of the visit i had "spiritual seclusion effect" of type on my way back. So, i penned down something which came to me "On the spot"...

Well, i do not expect a revelation of the type i experienced with not many, but still i expect to raise few eye brows with its deeper thoughts and meaning....

Have a Broad thinking when you read this and love to again receive thoughts over this....  Happy reading... :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Face of a stranger... Part 1

I ducked for a second glance,
with the first coming as a pure chance.
Her silhouette from far,
set my eyes to vision an elegance,
unseen with any at par.

I stumbled with many thoughts over,
with some even questioning my lifetime with her happy forever.

With ever reluctant heart and ever pursuant mind,
I reached a distance closer than a mile.
And with her every step closing in,
I gathered guts from around,
waiting for that while.

Words started to litter,
mind seemed to mutter but my heart didn't utter.
And with every passage of time,
as the hours didn't shine,
I rushed for an early wind.

With every part being made a exaggerated romantic stream,
I was soon made to realize my going too far was never meant to be an
achievable realistic dream....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Up coming in Candid thoughts....

Hello all,

Been a while ain't it?? :-) Clearly you can see the trend.. It takes a while to write a poem or any short thoughts for me with my hands being full at work too... so here i come again posting another poem of mine, written about a week ago while i was on my way back home and i met this stranger who suddenly started to talk to me. Just then i realized a simple thought, and a mistake i and probably many have done in their lives:
"To Entrust upon someone your trust before knowing, is like tightening the noose around the neck before you even open your eyes".

This poem comes in two parts... First, about misled "love"(as it was straight-forward to write :-) ) and the second is under process... :-)

Leave your comments and views about it as you read it...

soon to,hopefully, spell a magic...

Thank you...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A silent slip...

Clad in blue apparel,she went in through.
my mind muddled for a thought or two,
of an angel slipping in through.
A minute of glare,flared a resplendent feeling,
which made me to persue a relation of true.

Spring of wishes sprang me through,
as i made my way for a second move.
As i stood and saw the glitter nigh,
a moment of truth creeped my sigh.
I felt blasphemous,as i saw her croon,
and realized a Silent Slip has got me to groan.

Coming up on candid thoughts....

Hello all,

Some 3 years back, after scribbling few rhymes, i inked my first official poem called 'A Silent slip'... I chose the easiest of topics to start with, about the feeling when in fondness for a lady... It took a long time to write, though it was not complicated, and even more complicated to publish.

Hope you will enjoy this one....

please drop-in your comments after you read....
Thank you.. :-)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Egoist, from a different perspective...

Philosophy is the easiest science to preach but the most difficult to follow.There are many topics in it about which people talk,one among them is The man's Ego.
We,in all circumstances,been valued higher when our ego is at its lowest, that i believe is the preaching which have been pouring upon us from time immemorial,and from anyone we pass-by.
My unawareness of any possible person to upheld Ego came to a stand still when i read the novel The Fountainhead. Here, i saw a new possibility emerging in an aspect which was till now resented when in possession.
For now, an egoist is considered the self-centered, who has a beginning and an end in himself. Here,Ayn Rand has made the egoist a protagonist and through which made to unravel our myths over Ego.
Egoist is an independent entity who looks into himself for all of his deeds,this makes him the Borrower of none.
The above theme is held to state the importance,of being such introvert, in the growth of mankind.He always stands at the beginning of any new glory cast upon mankind,and the rest live upon it and reap its benefits.
Let me give you an example that ascertains this thought. Copernicus,Kepler and Galileo, all stood for the theory of Heliocentric(Sun as the center of universe), even though the church was incredulous.They stood by their Decisions and Findings, after their extensive study on the subject which till then considered Geocentric theory(Earth as a center of universe).These findings made us evolve into a new world which we live in today.There were life threatening situation faced by them in-order to convince their fellow dwellers of earth, who believed that Earth,the godly creation,should be rightly at the center and the rest to revolve around it.Faith took over astronomy,which often is intermixed to have a remedy for a problem.
The above-mind you, its not the only example-has gotten us in a fix now.To be or not to be-an egoist.
An Egoist,always stands by his choice and never changes his reason,both of which are made through an extensible and exclusive knowledge.This makes him independent from the crowd who always make their choice looking into others and live by others, Borrowed reasons,hence making them second-handers(a word from the book).
When in assistance of others for all our choices and reasons,we live a life which would be less satisfying and completely ignorant of our own self,whereas the Egoist thrives on the satisfaction of his choices.It is this,which makes us synonym ego with selfish and adamant,which otherwise,according to this frame of mind are completely independent.
Going back to the example, none of the people who believed in heliocentric universe were selfish, in order to achieve fame, nor adamant to change their decision for the sake of faith.They merely presented it based on their studies.

So the conclusion....

This thought,of egoism,is to be dealt in every one's own perspective and to be judged upon as to when our Ego should not be surrendered.One should realize that our Ego-in keeping our choices and reasons intact-should be used to think in a way that is unique to ourselves and live by that, and not changing for the sake of the mob.
Also, it should not be aimed at destruction of anyone else nor force to bring out changes in others. Ego should be self-kindling trait in one's mind.

Ayn rand brought out angry reactions for this presentation,but this work of literature stormed the world and also swept me off the floor.Her philosophy has not ebbed even today and people follow knowingly or unknowingly on her foot-steps.

I hope with this article I have ignited in you the necessity for a different outlook...

Until next time.. ADIOS...