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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Face of a stranger... Part 1

I ducked for a second glance,
with the first coming as a pure chance.
Her silhouette from far,
set my eyes to vision an elegance,
unseen with any at par.

I stumbled with many thoughts over,
with some even questioning my lifetime with her happy forever.

With ever reluctant heart and ever pursuant mind,
I reached a distance closer than a mile.
And with her every step closing in,
I gathered guts from around,
waiting for that while.

Words started to litter,
mind seemed to mutter but my heart didn't utter.
And with every passage of time,
as the hours didn't shine,
I rushed for an early wind.

With every part being made a exaggerated romantic stream,
I was soon made to realize my going too far was never meant to be an
achievable realistic dream....


  1. hey I happened to see your website link on twitter. Lovely poem. Waiting for the second part :)

  2. hello :-)... thanks a lot... sure, hope i wont disappoint. :-) in the mean while check out my new poem "spiritual and the profane" and let ur thoughts out ... :-) Happy reading ..

  3. Sweet :)
    Can connect to it on multiple occasions ;)