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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A prelude..

Hello all,

This day took a long time in the making and also work done in the past prompted me to have a small private space on the most public environment.
I would like to post here my poems, previews about novels, and any quick thought that would come to me which might interest the readers.
Literature is a powerful tool, often changing the way we see and live our lives. Here I take my amateur ability to dive-in into this world and possibly make you gasp for more with my writing…

Welcome to “Candid Thoughts”.


  1. ok... here it is.... :)
    rock it man :)

  2. Finally ... :) Welcome to BlogLand dude... :) enjoi... All the best...

  3. @dee: yea, hopin to rock :)
    @krish: Ty.. :)